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Who we are

The Municipal Development Company of Andorra SL Sole (SOMUDAN) is a commercial company owned 100% Local municipal facilitate investor access to land and infrastructure necessary for implementation. Manages the Industrial "The Station" and the new Business Park Andorra.

SOMUDAN essential aims the promotion, management and implementation of actions to facilitate the installation and development of business activities of public and private in Andorra, mainly administrative management, promotion and development of city-owned land for industrial and agricultural use. This partnership simplifies procedures and processes currently used, freeing the Local Government an important part of the work and the objectives pursued with management tools that meets a corporate structure.

From the Public Enterprise installed in the OPYDE, projects are evaluated, lend technical assistance and monitoring to obtain grants and funding, provides information and advice to new business initiatives and promote collaboration between government and Private Companies.

SOMUDAN has own instruments to facilitate the financing of new investment projects which create jobs and support for micro.

It also assists the developer in the licensing arrangements with local and regional agencies and access to industrial land and infrastructure.



President: MayorMunicipal Corporation


PresidentSofia Ciércoles BielsaVicepresidentMarco Negredo SebastianSecretaryMª Teresa Alquezar CarabiasCounselorsDigna Balaguer Valero, Juan Andrés Ciércoles Bielsa, José Ginés Félez, Severiano Gómez Jodán, Damián Martínez Camarasa, Silvia Quílez Ordóñez, Yolanda Sauras Navarro, Antonio Valero Bielsa


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1 administrative


Industrial Promotion

Soil Indusrial Development and Infrastructure

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Support to entrepreneurs

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